About Arthur Peach Builders

Arthur Peach Builders aims to provide, in all its contracting activities, the best possible service in the most timely and cost effective manner to maintain and ensure customer satisfaction. To achieve this objective the policy is focused in four main areas: staff, resources, planning and in-house specialist back up services.

The company has a comprehensive training programme to ensure its personnel are capable of fulfilling the duties required in the Company structure in a professional and competent manner.

The training schedule is on-going and personal development needs are established by a continuous evaluation system against agreed performance indicators which apply equally to senior, middle and junior management.

Personnel are encouraged to pursue skills development by the attendance of in-house, sector and other training programmes organised by relevant professional bodies.

The Company pursues a policy of continuously evaluating and updating its general plant and machinery fleet with a special emphasis on relevant innovation. Detailed planning procedures carried out by senior management personnel ensure that from major contracts to smaller scale works, personnel and resources are matched to the particular needs of specific contracts together with the necessary level of experienced supervision.

Customer complaints, whether formal or informal, are dealt with in a timely and courteous manner and, if within formal contract arrangements, are discharged to set procedures. In the case of private customer and/or third party complaints, these are investigated as to their validity and every effort is made to resolve the complaint to the customer’s and/or third party’s satisfaction.

The managing director, Mr Arthur Peach, maintains a personal link with all works and, with senior management, ascertains customers’ perception of the company’s performance. Regular minuted meetings are held to plan resources and staffing of contracts and to view trends and long term requirements.